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  • I'm giving away 320,450.00...Want some? CLICK HERE... 

  • I'm 'That Guy.'

    When you ask for help with marketing, and someone says, 'I know a guy...' 

    I have helped over 1,000 business owners with my Done For You  services, Done With You Coaching and consulting, or from one of my dozens of courses designed to help you grow and market your business. 

    Heck, even other marketers and marketing agencies have hired me to consult for them, or do work on behalf of their clients or have purchased more than one of my courses.  

       'Hiring Courtney saved me a ton of time and made me a lot of money.'

    Delores Balgun- I-GLOW Mentoring and Event Planning

    Is it time to fire your current marketing agency?

  • Is reaching your marketing company like using an old rotary phone? Can you actually talk to a person or is email support only? All of my clients have my personal cell phone number for emergenices including a customer support portal with all inquirsies answered by the end of the busienss day

  • Do they offer a guarantee, or do they hide behind 'weasel' clauses and words...

  • How long have they been in business. Are they doing 'marketing consulting' as a side hustle? Listen, in today's economy, I don't have a problem with people using marketing as a side hustle.

    I DO have a problem with them giving outdated or even wrong advice that they learned from a YouTube video or read about in a FB group.

    It happens MUCH MORE than you think. 

  • What help do you need right now?

    Browse through the range of services I offer -- pick the one you need

    Leads and Traffic

    My PRESTO Traffic System Turns Lookey-Loo's Into Customers without 


    If you are looking for a website that won't break your budget, 'I know a guy :)'

    Course Creation and Product Lauches

    I've persoanlly launched and helped hundreds of other course creators launch their product and services. 


    Over 2 decades of experience, I create profit pulling sales copy so that you get more sales for your product or sercice.  

    Social Media

    Social media is becoming more and more important. I'll show you how to turn your social media marketing into a profit pulling asset, not just another monthly expense. 

    Email Marketing

    Want results like this? One email resulted in $32,000 in sales? I'll help you create, manage and implement a profitable email strategy. No more randomly sending a monthly email newsletter that nobody reads. 

    Talk to me

    Want a custom plan? I know a guy that can help

    My Process is as easy as 1-2-3

    Get on my calendar...

    We'll spend 45 minuets together so that I can better understand your busienss and your goals

    Can I help you become more profitable? 

    As much as I would like to work with everyone I can't. I'll let you know up front if I think I can help you and what would get you the best and fastest ROI.

    Project timeline is set

    Depending on the serivce and availabiltiy, projects are usually started within 48 hours. 

    Here's what some of my clients say

    Virtually all of my clients get massive results

    '' If you're not where you want your business to be online, hire Courtney ''

    Jared Nichols

    Fargo, ND

    '' My advertising is now profitable. New headlines make it work. Thanks. ''

    Luke Baker


    Meet Courtney Kostelecky 

    I'm the type of guy who finds the right words at the right time. And it's what make me unique. I can find words for ads, articles, advertorials or I can find words for video scripts or commercials.

    i'm a best selling author and the creator of dozens of courses to help business owners make their adversting and marketing become an asset, not an expense. 

    I'm 'the guy' that other marketers invest in. I've sold and consulted with thousands of other marketers. Shhhh. Some of them might even be having me do work for them and taking ALL of the credit. 

    Ready to get started? Let's talk about your project

    Throughout the remote meeting, we'll talk about:

    Your project details and requirements

    What service are you looking for?

    Where do I fit in the picture

    Discover and define how I can help you.

    Project timeframes and budget

    My services are designed to be an asset, and not just 

    another monthly expense. 

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